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97% Of Companies Have Still To Claim Their Google Local Places Listing

Have you a local business or service? How do you advertise it? Are you on page one of Google when someone keys in a keyword phrase looking for the business or service you provide? Have you looked recently at your Google local listing? It’s all changed at Google, and companies need to wake up to that fact. Now, due to the emphasis Google is giving to companies, when a person does a Google local search they will see a list of seven highlighted companies at the top or next to top of the search result.For too long, many companies with local services have been unable to get on page one for their Google local listing as search engine optimisation is expensive and they had to compete with the directories such as Yellow Pages online. The problem for companies was they spent money on having a website built, but getting people to it has been very difficult. Now, securing a prominent place for your company or service on Google is possible.There is an ‘art’ to being one of the top seven places and keeping it there for when someone does a Google Local search. You will benefit by having your Google local listing set up for you by online marketing experts that can give your business a boost by analysing keywords which will bring the most searches to your website thereby ensuring that all the elements are specially engineered to get you a top placementFewer than 3% of companies have actually ‘claimed’ their Google local listing yet statistics show that 82% of people who search for a business online will result in an offline action. 34% of people use a Google Map to find a business. That means a whole section of potential clients could be passing by your business without even realising that you are there. Did you know it is estimated that over 50% of all local purchases are preceded by an Internet search?To summarise, companies are too busy, on one hand sorting out their business, and they worry about getting noticed from their advertising on the other. To attract new customers, they have to look at what is happening in Google and also with mobile marketing as more and more people buy smartphones. Texting to customers and including mobile websites in the promotion is becoming more prevalent. It is time for most companies to waken up to the fact that advertising in local newspapers is not enough anymore.